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* Tracking Sheet 2014 *
* Court of Sales 2014 Tracking *
* Court of Sharing 2014 Tracking *

* Unit Goals- 15% Increase Chart *


1.  Decide on what Unit Club you WILL HIT this year.
2.  Hit the production in July that is listed directly under that unit club (Be relentless!!  Failure is not an option!)
3.  Continue to "NAIL" OR EXCEED the w/s amount listed under each calendar month thru the year
4.  WA-LA!!  Reach your unit club goal and ENJOY THE JOURNEY the entire time with NO STRESS!!

***Notice that EVERY SINGLE DIRECTOR could do the production for the $300K UNIT CLUB  with her PERSONAL TEAM PRODUCTION all the way through at least MAY!!  Get serious about your POWER STARTS and 15-20 PERSONAL INTERVIEWS each month and you can count on ONLY YOURSELF!!!    NEED PROOF?Do you remember when Tina Parkin did $20,002 in w/s production one month allllllllllllll by herself with her personal sales and NEW Personal Recruits???   She didn't have to count on a SINGLE "EXISTING" unit member !!!  YOU DON'T HAVE TO EITHER!!

Due to Tammy by the fifth of each month
The (3) items below are the BARE MINIMUM I feel a director needs to track in order for her personal business and unit to GROW.  These are the items due to Tammy's office for her to support you! 

*IPA Director Tracking- Brenda Bennett*
*Monthly Director Contest*
*Unit size on the rise*

*Building a dream nation*
IPA new director*
Projecting my month*
USA director $ sheet*

*Consultant pacesetters*
Director pacesetters*

Consultant Tracking Forms 
*Hot Shot Tracking*
*Potentials to Close Form*

Simple, Effective Tool for Earning Cars and Becoming Directors:  Click here   - complete 4 of these IN FULL in 4 consecutive months to earn a car or become a director - Directors do it yourself to move up a car level or build to 100+! 
Unit meeting checklists - Thank you, Christy Flater!!


*Product Return Letter to Consultant*

*Why NOT to Sell Back*

 Who wants to go to China?!? This plan was for Rome but it is still applicable!! 
Julie Potts has done an EXCELLENT job laying out a plan to get on the TOP TRIP to ROME this may want to use some of her ideas!!  Thanks Julie!!  
NSD Tammy Crayk
PS:  The New Consultant "6 Week Goals Sheet" we use in our area is a MUST.......Aimee Niculescu was the one who originally shared it with us and many of you have adjusted it for your specific units.  If you are not using it MAKE SURE YOU DO!

Click here for Julie's Plan of Action!! 
Files to use with Julie's Plan

THANKS A MILLION KIM!! Kim has DOUBLED her unit recruting (33 New in Feb) using this info.  It's GENIUS
New Consulant Checklist
New consultant checklist - word file



Interview to Move People Up  
Thank you NSD Pam Shaw

Recruiting Notebook that Veronica Johnson shared at TL advance
Script by Amy Zanto of Lisa Madsen's Area used along with above Recruiting Notebook

 Want to grow your Unit Size?  Why not issue a weekly challenge for your unit members using this?
Put in a cute bag with
P:  Popcorn (Microwave bag)
M:  Movie (Imagine the Poss)
S:  Soda or Spring Water
Give a prize to every consultant who brings back at least 5 surveys the following week.  Give a GRAND PRIZE to the one who brings the most (minimum of 10)
Once you receive the surveys call the prospect so they can be entered in a current drawing or contest and ask the FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS!

 Thanks to Maria for these notes to that INCREDIBLE Voicecom message from LisaAnne Harmon "HOW TO REALLY.....HELP YOUR CONSULTANTS SET GOALS"
*Click here*

 Other Resources for Directors

Here are a few games (see attachments) in case you guys need them for your meetings:  These came from Directors all over MK-Land.
A Little Blue
Top of the Charts
Hoppin To Success
You R Amazing
Way To Goal
Wild Thing
You R Amazing - 1
Missing you
MK - Success Can Be Yours
A Winner
Hoppin to See You
Missed Meeting Duck
MK - Success Christmas Missed
You're Missing Out Holidays

Thank you, Brenda Bennett
Audio Training

NCO Training 4/13/12 by Pam Lancaster, Sherralynn Arnold, Kendal Parker, Jalene

Contest Ideas

*100 Squares*

$1K Day

NSD Lisa Madson's Guest Follow Up Script

* Printable Script *

Hi Madson Directors:

My dear friend, NSD Vicky Auth, requested this dialogue from me for following up with guests from every meeting.  As I typed it out, I realized there are NEW DIRECTORS in our National Area that may not know what I said when I called the guests back after every meeting.  This was the KEY to building my unit size.  The year I went from $700,000 to $1,000,000 was the year that I started to call back EVERY SINGLE guest (for my unit members) that came out to our unit meeting.

I continued this until I debuted as a National Sales Director with a unit size of 667 and 22 first line offspring Sales Directors.  It works!!!  I hope EVERY MADSON DIRECTOR  calls back EVERY GUEST that comes out to the meeting, or snacks and facts, of glamourama, or whatever guest event you do.

Also, be sure to instruct your adoptees that they should let their own Sales Director know who came out each week so they can follow up too.  I know Sue Pankow has built many first line that were NOT local to her, but she called back every guest that went to the unit meetings all over the country.    In my opinion, THIS IS NOT AN OPTION.  YOUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON IT!

The dialogue is as follows:

Hi __________ this is Lisa Madson, ________’s Sales Director with Mary Kay, do you have a quick minute?  I’m calling because I enjoyed meeting you the other night at our unit meeting and I just wanted to take the time to PERSONALLY call you and say THANK YOU for coming.  You’ll never know what your presence there meant to  __________ (she is new,  she is moving into a Leadership position, etc.).   Every time someone like you comes out to an event like Monday night it helps to build her confidence (or whatever is appropriate for the consultant’s situation) so you TRULY did help her in her business.

Their usual response is  … “you’re welcomed”.  (And they sound appreciative that I took the time to call)

Then I say, “I have  a couple of questions that I would like to ask so that I can be a better Sales Director.  What did you like the best about the meeting?  And, if you were in my position, running it, is there anything you would change about what we did?”

Once she gives me her answers, I know which way to go.  If she mentions the fact that she has been thinking about selling Mary Kay, you obviously know what to say next.

If she doesn’t even mention selling Mary Kay at all … then after she answers the above questions I tease and say, “I’m sure you are expecting this next question … when I talked about the Mary Kay opportunity the other night …  Remember when I talked about the scale of one to ten, one being NEVER and ten being you would like to sign up, and don’t forget, no five’s allowed (smile in your voice) I have to ask where did you fall on the scale of one to ten and did you even give it a second thought?

If they say no, I say.  “Just like I said the other night, we need customers too.  So, thanks again for taking the time to come out.   _________ we do operate on the referral system and if you know anyone that is looking for extra income, or a backup plan, especially in this economy, please refer them back to your consultant so they can hear the information at no obligation.  I’m sure you will get a special gift from your consultant if you refer someone to her that becomes a team member of __________.”  Thanks again for coming.  I really appreciate you!


Contest Ideas

*100 Squares*

$1K Day